Christoph Bauer

Kepler University Hospital Linz


Christoph Bauer, Pediatric cardiologist at the Kepler University Hospital in Linz. Head of the Lymphatic Program at the pediatric heart center in Linz. Lectures (Pediatric cardiology and Sports Medicine at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.
Recent publications: Current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the management of lymphatic insufficiency in patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. (Frontiers in Pediatrics, 2023)
Lymphatic Imaging and Intervention in Congenital Heart Disease (JSCAI, 2023)
Non-contrast MR-lymphography and intranodal dynamic contrast MR-lymphangiography in children with congenital heart disease - im-aging findings, impact on patient management and outcome. (International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2023)
Recent invited speeches:
PICS Chicago 2022: Lymphatic Anatomy and Physiology.
PICS Istanbul 2023: Lymphatic Anatomy and Physiology and Imaging.