Ricardo Pignatelli

Texas Children's Hospital- Baylor College of Medicine

United States

Dr. Pignatelli’s clinical interests include all aspects of non invasive imaging (echocardiography), including research in the field of Congenital Heart Disease, specifically in Doppler tissue analysis, including latest cardio mechanics assessment using strain and strain rate of ventricular function and its impact on myocardial functional. This include areas such as Cardiomyopathies, post heart transplant surveillance pediatric heart failure. Clinical outcomes based on ventricular function assessments and clinical management is another area of its interest
Dr. Pignatelli is the assigned principal investigator for Texas Children’s Hospital, in a Pediatric Heart Network (PHN) project. This national project has the objective of collecting data to establish normative echocardiographic cardiac measurements for our pediatric population (including all races and ethnicities). Writing committee member for PHN Z score
Another area of interest it is to collaborate and participate with South American institutions for the advance and improvement of non invasive imaging. Collaborative project are undergoing with Mexico DF and Argentina. He was the president of pediatric cardiology chapter of the SIAC- Interamerican Society of Cardiology. His main interest is to improve initial clinical diagnosis and teach colleagues new advances in echocardiography to improve survival and decrease invasive test performed in developing countries.
Past elected president of SISIAC (2020-2022) for the period 2020-2022 and his main goal is promote education and improve quality of research related to imaging and outcomes thru the LATAM continent