AEPC was founded in Lyon in 1963 as Association Européenne pour la Cardiologie Pédiatrique. Since then, AEPC has become a network of specialists who are committed to the practice and advancement of Congenital Cardiology and closely related fields. Cardiology in the Young (CitY) is the official journal of AEPC. AEPC offers a free subscription of ‘Cardiology in the Young’ (CitY) as part of the annual membership fee. The membership also offers several other benefits.

The overall membership of the Association now stands over 1000 paediatric cardiologists and other specialists working in the field of paediatric cardiology and its related disciplines. The number of members increases by 10-11% a year. As far as we are aware, this makes the Association the largest democratically administered global association in the field of congenital cardiology, and what is equally encouraging is that we now represent members from all the continents. New members are very welcome as they will always bring with them new ideas and innovations.

AEPC and its Working Groups aim to enhance collaboration amongst members for scientific research and professional development and to maintain high standards of professional practice. The Ordinary Members of AEPC originate from 32 countries in Europe, and each country is represented within the Association by an elected National Delegate. AEPC has also several members outside Europe. The Association co-operates with numerous associations/societies working in the field of congenital heart defects originating from other continents. AEPC works also closely together with ESC and its organisations.

Several activities of AEPC are organised by the Working Groups. The Working Groups represent different subspecialties and specific areas of paediatric and congenital cardiology. Over the years, 10 Working Groups, AaGUCH Task Force (grown-up with congenital heart disease) and a group for the Junior Fellows in Training have been set up within the Association to bring together workers with similar interests in order to facilitate research and collaboration with paediatric cardiac surgeons, adult cardiologists and other scientists in closely related fields.

An Annual Meeting and an Update Course are organised by AEPC every year in May (usually in the second half of May) in collaboration with one of the member countries. AEPC organises 2-3 Teaching Courses for trainees in Paediatric Cardiology each year. Additional symposia and courses are usually a part of the Annual Meetings.

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