Prevention and Sports: Shaping Healthy Hearts

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UPDATE COURSE PROGRAMME (Wednesday, 8 May 2024)

Morning Programme: Preventive pediatric cardiology 
08:00 Registration 
08:30 Opening welcome Silvia Alvares, Rui Anjos, Guido Pieles
Chairs: Silvia Alvares, Felicia Nordenstam (+ Henk Schipper, online moderator)
08:45 Keynote lecture 
Preventive pediatric cardiology: are we in the blocks, ready to go? Renate Oberhoffer-Fritz
09:30 Lecture 
Start early, live longer: childhood as the key to cardiovascular health Henk Schipper
10:00 Case studies: A guideline-based approach 
1) Dyslipidaemia: why and when to screen, and how to treat  Guilherme Carvalho Lourenco 
2) Hypertension: repaired CHD and still hypertension Vesna Herceg- Čavrak
3) Physical activity: public health versus focused physical activity programs Jan Müller 
11:00 Coffee Break 
 Chairs: Rui Anjos, Renate Oberhoffer-Fritz (+ Felicia Nordenstam, online moderator)
11:30 Hot topics in preventive pediatric cardiology 
Set-up: two perspectives, followed by discussion with audience 
1) Lifestyle change: A realistic scenario? Move more and eat less? Frida Dangart & Erica van den Akker (online)
2) Why diet, if there are GLP1 agonists around? Erica van den Akker (online) & Frida Dangart
12:30 Lunch in the park - Walk & talk, local highlights 
Afternoon Programme: Sports as prevention in CHD 
Chairs: Doris Ehringer, Guido Pieles, Helder Dores (+ Jan Müller, online moderator)
13:30 Sports as prevention in children with CHD: Benefits and risks Guido Pieles & Peter Fritsch
14:15 Case studies: a guideline-based approach 
1) TGA and jumping high Nuno Duarte 
2) Fallot and football Melina Winkler 
3) Cardiac rehabilitation in children with CHD: Does intensity matter? Craig Williams & Arend van Deutekom 
15:15 Wrapping up - quiz Felicia Nordenstam & Henk Schipper (+ Jan Mueller) 
Prevention - Better safe than sorry  
15:40 Closure Silvia Alvares & Rui Anjos